Custom Charcuterie Services in Highland, IN


Charcuterie is a French word that refers to cooked meats, and especially smoked and cured meats, like ham, bacon, and sausage. These days, however, charcuterie is also used to refer to sampling or “grazing” platters that commonly contain not just meats, but also artisan breads, crackers, nuts, fruit, and more.

The grazing platters are often set on charcuterie boards, which are traditionally made out of wood. These boards offer excellent aesthetics while providing plenty of space to build a scrumptious display sure to wow guests’ eyes and taste buds.

With our charcuterie services, each platter is handcrafted to ensure exceptional, professional aesthetics. Our platters are loaded edge to edge to impart abundance and encourage guests to dig in. . 

Custom Charcuterie Services in Northwest Indiana & The Surrounding Chicago Land Area

Platters can be customized to individual palettes and dietary needs. For example, poultry based meats, vegan and vegetarian options can wow the senses and impress the audience while meeting strict dietary requirements. Grazing platters allow guests to select the foods they love and enjoy. This helps ensure satisfied taste buds and can cut down on waste. If someone has dietary restrictions, say needing to avoid gluten or sweets, they can customize their snacks to their needs. Charcuterie also encourages sampling, which itself can be a source of conversation and enjoyment.

Flexible Catering and Meal Design

One of the best aspects of charcuterie is its inherent flexibility. A good charcuterie board catering company can offer many different charcuterie platters and board set-ups. What works best for a wedding may not be optimal for a company meeting or holiday party. By working with professional charcuterie services, you can design meals and platters for your specific needs.
Beyond large platters, it is also possible to assemble individualized charcuterie boxes. Rather than a large charcuterie board, the food is placed in smaller single-serving packages. Some guests may prefer this to communal or shared boards. . Individualized charcuterie boxes or cups may also be easier to manage at large, high-traffic events like major conferences.

Charcuterie Boards in Northwest Indiana & The Surrounding Chicago Land Area

Some folks prefer to build their own charcuterie platters. While building a platter that appeals to all the senses takes effort and practice, with patience it’s possible to put together great samplers. Charcuterie boards are not just meats and cheeses. That said, boards can be themed for a specific holiday, for example Halloween, Christmas or with breakfast foods or pastry. The variety and flexibility of a charcuterie board being unique is part of the fun. The best charcuterie boards will offer exceptional aesthetics.